Ryleigh Jane-Newborn {Waterford, Ohio}

Little Ryleigh Jane was unexpectedly born a few weeks early and weighed only 5 lbs 12 oz.  Although she was a few weeks old for her session, she was still so little and “new” with her tiny little features and allowed me to get a few of the posed newborn shots…..but my favorite shots are the one’s where she is in the comfort of her mommy and daddy’s arms……such precious moments.  Congrats Ethan and Karissa!!!!

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Kynleigh-6 Weeks {Marietta, Ohio}

Kynleigh was about 6 weeks old when I came to visit her for her session.  Although a little too old for the typical “newborn” type session, we were still able to get a few sleepy shots…but I LOVE her big beautiful eyes and how alert she was….so cute capturing a little one in the comfort of their own home:)

 Streeeeeetching those little arms all by herself!

These last two shots alone took about 20 minutes.  I snuggled and rocked this little one to sleep and gently placed her in the basket….then click….got the pull back shot…..
……then click….got the close up shot and she woke up lol….SOOOO worth it though:)

Sara Johnson - February 9, 2013 - 9:49 pm

My Great Niece Absoutely Beautiful Pice..My little rose is a BEAUTY already.

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Froggy Pond {Home: Hackney, Ohio}

Remember that unusually warm day we had a week or two ago????  Well, warm days like that don’t go unnoticed around our house!  My oldest was in school and the weather was just too nice to stay cooped up inside, so I decided to take the two youngest for a walk down the road to one of their favorite places:  The Froggy Pond.  It’s nothing more than an oversized puddle and dries up in the hot months of the summer, but to the boys it’s more than that…they love this place!!!  And of course I just had to bring the camera.  As usual, we had a great time….and the walk up and down the gravel road wore them out (which equals a good long nap for my 2 yr old yeah!) but they enjoyed every minute of it.  I still remember how warm it was….almost spring like.  I was able to keep the windows open all day and it felt so good.  Now, just a couple weeks later, we are on day two of school being cancelled because of snow….Ohio weather for ya I guess lol….but I am not one to complain about the weather….just thankful to for another day with my rugrats:)

They didn’t miss a puddle the whole way….

There was still a thin layer of ice left….and it got the best of Owen….he was down a few seconds after this pic lol.
Fishy lips:)

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